See if AFROTC is right for you


Detachment 128 offers prospective students the opportunity to visit and learn more about Air Force ROTC at the University of Delaware, through our welcoming and informational Shadow Program. During this time, students participate in a variety of activities to witness firsthand the training that takes place in AFROTC, the University of Delaware Campus, and student life.

Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for students to get to know current cadets and cadre.

During the Shadow Program, you will get to learn vital knowledge that can start you off on a great path for your AFROTC career. Shadow students frequently get the opportunity to sit in on Air Force classes, visit the dining halls on campus, and spend time conversing with their host cadet.

To be eligible for the Shadow Program, students must fill out the form below. This program is intended for high school students (particularly upperclassmen).

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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