Det 128 at the University of Delaware offers students from other universities the same excellent Air Force ROTC training and experience.

What are crosstown cadets?

Crosstown cadets are students who attend AFROTC from a college or university other than the host detachment. The University of Delaware is Detachment 128’s host university. We do accept students from local colleges and universities that have a crosstown agreement with Detachment 128:

Is there any difference?

No. There is no difference between a crosstown cadet and a cadet who attends the host university. Cadets will have the same training requirements. Crosstown cadets on a quarter-system academic calendar will need to work with cadre to make-up any missed requirements.

Are there any requirements to become a crosstown cadet?

Crosstown enrollment is required to attend AS class and LLAB. This form can be picked up at your university’s registrar office; it needs to be signed by your college or university before submitting to cadre. For enrollment issues, you will need to work with your AFROTC instructor.

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